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February 1, 2010

Last year I started to get a lot of inquiries from people about whether I could do remarques for them in books they owned.  This wasn’t something I did at first, but due to the high number of requests, I decided to start accepting personal commissions for remarques.

I offer two sizes of sketches at the following prices:
Large, full page – £30 GBP
Small – £10 GBP

These prices do NOT include the cost of the return postage.  See below in the full post for examples of both large and small remarques.

If you are interested in getting a remarque or would like further details, please email me.

*While in my possession all books will be treated with the utmost care and they will be packaged securely to be returned, but I cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to books during shipping.

Here are some examples of remarques.  Please note that the remarques I do are typically black & white pen sketches.  Ones with splashes of colour were done on special request.

large - The Mangler

large - Thumbprint

large - The Shadow of the Wind

large - The City & the City

large - a Low Man

small - Gunpowder

small - Gunpowder

small - 1408

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