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Horns – Polish Cover & Limited Edition Interiors

May 20, 2010

Above is my cover art for the Polish edition of Joe Hill’s latest novel, Horns.  The challenging thing about this commission was that I’d already created the cover and a series of interior illustrations for the PS Publishing limited edition of Horns a while earlier, before being asked by Prószyński i S-ka to their cover.  So I had to revisit the story and come up with a different concept for the cover that I’d not already used in any of the limited edition artwork.  Although of course there would be similar elements involved, I wanted it to have a slightly different look and feel to the artwork I did for the limited edition, whilst still capturing the essence of the story.  In the end I used the idea of the devil’s silhouette – it isn’t a particularly new concept but I thought it was simple and effective and suited this story perfectly and would provide a striking image.

Below you can also see my cover and the various interior artwork for the limited edition.

Limited Edition Cover

Limited Edition Back Cover Art

Limited Edition Endpaper Art

Limited Edition Endpaper Art

Limited Edition Interior 1

Limited Edition Interior 2

Limited Edition Interior 3

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