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Illustration Websites

July 1, 2010

Working as an illustrator, I like to keep an eye on what other illustrators out there are doing.  The web is great for this, so when I have spare time I like to visit various illustration websites.  These sites can not only provide inspiration, but be places where you can read about other illustrators’ experiences, pick up tips, find resources, or join in discussions on various topics about working in this industry.  Illustrators can find themselves working alone most of the time, so this is a good way to keep up to date and not work in complete isolation.

I don’t limit myself to only looking at my favourite illustrators’ work or those working within my own genres or style – for instance I’ve always enjoyed looking at fashion illustration.  Sometimes looking at work outside of your own niche can trigger new ideas or provide a fresh way of looking at things which can be fed into your own work.

Below are links to a few illustration sites I visit which are worth checking out.  There’s many other great illustration sites out there for you to find, so this is only a starting point.

Illustration Mundo – Apart from general illustration news and articles, this site allows illustrators to set up a small profile with a link to their website, and post their own latest news.

Escape from Illustration Island – A blog featuring a lot of resources for illustrators and various discussions on illustration and working as an illustrator.

Signature Illustration – Each post has a small gallery showing examples of a different illustrator’s work and a brief introduction about them.  There’s some excellent work featured on this blog and is definitely worth stopping by.

Zero 2 Illo – Set up by an aspiring illustrator who’s currently working as a graphic designer, this blog is both a diary of his progress and a forum to share experiences and information on the illustration industry.

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