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The End of the Rainbow…

July 30, 2010

The latest Triangulation anthology from PARSEC Ink (the publishing wing of PARSEC, Pittsburgh’s science fiction organization) is now out.  This year’s anthology is titled End of the Rainbow.

As with the previous two covers I’ve done for the Triangulation series, I was given creative freedom over the cover image as long as it reflected the theme of ‘End of the Rainbow’.  I liked the idea of creating an image that conveyed a sense of adventure – a few months before I worked on this, I’d watched Pixar’s UP and was reading Marvel’s adaption of The Wonderful Wizard of OZ (which features fantastic artwork by Skottie Young), both of which I loved.  So they had an influence on my approach to this piece and helped me come up with the concept for the image of a young boy going on a journey to find the end of the rainbow.  The editor had mentioned that many of the stories that had been submitted had quite a dark feel, so I wanted to reflect this in the artwork with the colour scheme, use of lighting, and adding touches such as the ominous looking skeleton and creepy trees.

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