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Brief Update…

March 8, 2011

The last few months have been extremely busy and it’s not looking like things are going to be easing up anytime soon.  Here’s a bit about what I’ve been up to, what I’m working on now and a look ahead…

I’ve just finished a couple of covers for books aimed at a younger audience.  The first cover was for Walker Books for Young Readers for an action/adventure book for 10-14yr olds which won’t be out till next year and the other was a YA psychological thriller for Abrams Books which is scheduled for their Fall list.  I’ll reveal further details and artwork as soon as I’m able to.  This was the first time I’d worked for both these publishers and was approached by them after they saw my cover for the first Grey Griffins book.  I’ve loved working on these books for young readers – it brings out the kid in me!  And hopefully I’m producing the kind of artwork that would have drawn me to these books when I was that age.

Right now, amongst other things I’m working away on the interiors for the The Five, which will include endpaper art and three colour interior illustrations.  After I finish these I’ve got a number of other projects scheduled for Subterranean Press including their next Dresden Files limited edition – Summer Knight which should be the first one I get to after The Five.  Also coming up in the next couple of months are projects for PS Publishing and Dark Regions Press.  I did my first cover for Dark Regions Press towards the end of last year for Weston Ochse’s collection of short stories titled Multiplex Fandango.  I think it’s due out soon so I should be able to reveal that cover soon…

Right, better get back to work!  Keep checking back for more news and updates.



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