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Bad Radio

August 24, 2011

Above is my cover art and design for Michael Langlois’ new novel Bad Radio, which is the first in a new series entitled The Emergent Earth.  The book is in the supernatural thriller genre but with a horror slant.  Bad Radio is now available in eBook format for the Kindle from Amazon here.  A paper version will follow later.  Fans of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files books should check this out.  You can find more info on Bad Radio at Michael’s blog.

Michael had various ideas for the cover imagery including the image of the main character thrusting the tonfa into the ground as you can see in the top half.  As I knew this was the first in a new series, I wanted to introduce design elements that could be carried through to future covers and also give it a distinctive look and feel from other similar series in the genre, so I suggested splitting the page in two and using a dual image approach.  A major element of the series concerns the existence of the supernatural alongside the ‘real’ world so I wanted to represent this on the cover with the imagery in the top relating more to our world, and the imagery in the bottom section relating to the supernatural elements.


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