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New Liar’s Harvest Cover

December 13, 2012

liars harvest new

Earlier this year I posted the cover for Liar’s Harvest by Michael Langlois; whilst Michael liked this original cover, it was later decided that it didn’t have as much focus and visual punch as the cover for the previous book in the series, Bad Radio.  So Michael came back to me and we discussed what changes we could make to address this; at first we discussed tweaking the original image; maybe making the tree larger and moving it to the centre, and shifting Abe (the central character) to the side so that only half his body showed.  I wasn’t convinced that this would give the balanced composition or strong central focal point we were after, so eventually we decided to come up with a whole new image for the top section instead.  Michael said that the tree could be replaced by a sapling, which I thought would be a good direction to take the image, and tried out a few new compositions.  I thought having Abe in another crouched pose in front of the sapling sprouting out of the ground, would be a good way to mirror the Bad Radio cover and give this more of a sense of a follow-up to the first book.

Another change we made was to add the ‘umbilical cord’ to the wooden man, connecting it to the sapling and linking both images; this was something we had actually tried out in the original image but ultimately left out as it hadn’t worked as well then as it did in this version.

Liar’s Harvest is available now in both ebook and paperback editions.  Below is my wraparound design for the print edition.

liars harvest wraparound

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