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Alternative Movie Poster Designs

March 10, 2013

‘Toy Story’
by Tom Whalen

For me, part of the excitement and anticipation of a new movie release has always been seeing the accompanying movie posters, but these days it feels like there’s a lack of imagination and care in their design.  Often seen tropes especially tend to dominate the posters for big blockbusters, leaving you feeling that you’ve already seen that poster before – we’ve come to expect the ‘floating heads’ posters or the (sometimes badly!) photoshopped collages of various character poses.

Recently I came across a blog post on showcasing 25 alternative movie posters for some new and classic films, done by various artists and designers.  Anyone interested in movies or design should check out the post here.  I think some work better than others as poster designs, whilst some work better as pieces of movie inspired art, but they are all imaginative and ingenious in their own way and offer an exciting, fresh take on the movies they represent.  Some of my favourites are the ones done by Tom Whalen, who has also done some alternative posters for Disney’s latest film, Wreck-It Ralph, which you can see on his website, and Olly Moss, who’s also done various alternative posters for the Star Wars and Lord of the Ring trilogies, which you should definitely check out at

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