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Noble V: Greylancer

May 1, 2013

noble_v_250noble v greylancerThis was a piece commissioned by Haikasoru, an imprint of Viz Media, that specializes in bringing Japanese sci-fi and fantasy to Western readers.  Noble V: Greylancer is a new story by Hideyuki Kikuchi, set in the same world as the popular Vampire Hunter D series.

nvThe brief was very straightforward: come up with my interpretation of the eponymous character for the cover.

I wasn’t familiar with the Greylancer character or this world (I’d watched the 1980’s Vampire Hunter D anime film years ago so was aware of its existence, but that was about it) and hadn’t read the book, so I was sent some very brief descriptions of the character (apparently the text doesn’t have many detailed character descriptions anyway) and also the existing Japanese cover, which features the character, and was told to draw on this for inspiration for my take on the Greylancer.

I came up with a few different poses initially, as seen in the roughs below.  I wanted a pose that conveyed a noble, warrior-like sense.  The moon was added to the final composition on suggestion of the editor as it relates to an element of the story.

greylancer rough 1

greylancer rough 2

greylancer rough 3

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