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Polish Cover for Joyland

May 17, 2013

joylandenter if you dareThis is the cover for the Polish edition of Stephen King’s Joyland, which will be published by Prószyński i S-ka in June.

Below you can see the initial rough sketch, plus a few different work-in-progress variations of the image.  The publisher didn’t have the English version for me to read, but gave me a brief synopsis and a list of motifs that appear in the story that I might be able to work into the illustration.  One of the things mentioned was the neon ‘Welcome to Joyland’ sign at the entrance, but they wanted it changed to say something else, as they didn’t want it to conflict with the title, so it now reads ‘Enter If You Dare’.  The first version was a bit bright so I darkened the overall image to help give it more of a creepy, ominous atmosphere.  They also thought the neon sign was too bright, as again, they didn’t want it to detract too much from the book’s title, so I first tried dimming it down, (and also turning off the light on a couple of letters in another version), but in the end I got rid of the neon sign completely in favour of a cracked, painted sign.  Another small, last minute change was the translation of the sign on the funhouse.

joyland work in progress

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  1. May 17, 2013 16:39

    I love this cover — amazing work!

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