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Joule and the Weather God

August 27, 2013

joule and the weather god

Here’s my cover art and design for Ronald McIsaac’s post-apocalyptic novel about an outcast vampire and her journey through parallel worlds.  Entitled, Joule and the Weather God, it’s a weird blend of science fiction and fantasy.

When Ronald first approached me about doing the cover art for Joule, he mentioned that he’d seen my Saint Darwin’s Spirituals image, and that the girl in goggles in that image was similar in some ways to what he’d had in mind for his lead character.  So, along with the character descriptions Ronald supplied, I used that image for inspiration for the Joule character.

Joule is out now through Amazon in both paperback and kindle editions.  Ronald is also doing a free giveaway at the moment through Goodreads and has five copies of the book to give away.  September 8th is the final date for entries and it is only open to people in the US and Canada.

joule wraparound

joule sketch

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  1. Will Bryan permalink
    August 27, 2013 16:10

    Wow! I love this…stunning work Vincent

  2. August 28, 2013 04:56

    I fell in love with Vincent Chong’s artwork on John Scalzi’s site, Whatever, back in 2009. I was struck with how textured his images were, the details layered like sedimentary rock. I could gaze at his images. A couple of years later, he pulled Joule Suzuki from the wilds of my imagination. A wickedly cool experience. Thanks Vinny.


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