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The Flesh Remembers

April 29, 2014

the flesh remembers

This is my cover design for the first in a trilogy of novellas by Richard Wright, following the adventures of hack reporter Dexter Lomax as he investigates a series of weird and mysterious goings-on.  The book is very much an old-fashioned pulp adventure in the vein of Kolchak the Night Stalker.

I worked closely with Richard on ideas for the cover design.  Richard wanted the cover to convey the pulp feel of the story so I threw a few ideas around for different approaches, keeping in mind that this was to be part of a trilogy, and so it would be good if we could work in design elements that would unite the covers as a series.  Other ideas we considered were to make the design similar to the covers of old style pulp digests or to do something that was more standalone, working in the design elements around the imagery, for example, in this case Richard’s name could have been placed into the VHS tape label.  One issue with this latter approach was that it might make it harder to do something with the following two covers that would still make them all feel like part of a series.  As you can see, Richard decided to go with the ‘tabloid newspaper’ approach, which was also my favourite.  It conveys the pulpy nature of the story, whilst giving a bold design structure that can be repeated through the trilogy, as well as linking into the profession of the main protagonist, so it makes for a neat solution.

Here’s a link to a post that Richard wrote for his blog which discusses the books and goes a bit more in depth into our cover collaboration process and also shows my initial roughs.
Originally it was an exclusive post locked for subscribers to his newsletter only, but Richard’s been kind enough to unlock it so that you folks can check it out too.  For future exclusive news from Richard, make sure you sign up for his newsletter on his blog.

The Flesh Remembers was launched yesterday in Kindle edition and is available as a free download for 72 hours so if you head over to Amazon before the end of Wednesday you can even grab a copy for free.  The next book in the trilogy should be out in the next few months so if you like this one, keep an eye out for the next!


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