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My Name Is Mary Sutherland

September 17, 2014

mary sutherland_front

mary sutherland_back

Here’s my front and back cover artwork for the novella, My Name is Mary Sutherland by Kate Farrell, which was launched recently at FantasyCon as part of the PS Publishing launch.

Kate and I bounced various ideas back and forth for the cover.  The final idea we settled on for the front cover was something Kate came up with and was inspired by a short film script she wrote a while back of this story, in which the opening titles show Mary writing her name in her breath on a mirror (which is actually a two-way mirror in an interview room) and then in the final credits it cuts back to the mirror and the letters have run.  I thought that this would make for a cool cover image and liked how the title would be completely incorporated into the artwork this way.  Furthermore, as it was going to be a wraparound cover I realized that this idea was perfect to do something interesting with for the back cover, and suggested that the image on the back should be of the other side of the mirror where a couple of shadowy figures are observing Mary.  So in effect, it’s as though we’re looking through the book.

Below is the endpaper art.  I had the idea early on of using scrabble tiles (you’ll have to read the novella to see how this links in to the story!) either spelling out various keywords relating to the story or words that the main character Mary ‘collects’ as her hobby.  Kate loved the idea of the scrabble tiles, and later on suggested spelling out the characters’ names rather than various words.  I also had the idea of adding a few blood stains on some of the tiles to give it more of an ominous feel and it was actually Nicky Crowther’s (from PS Publishing) suggestion to just have the blood stains in colour and the rest of the image in black and white.

As you can see it was a very collaborative process and it was a pleasure working with both Kate and Nicky on this.

mary sutherland endpaper


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