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Freedom of the Mask Interior Art

June 27, 2016

freedom of the mask_designFreedom of the Mask, the latest installment in Robert McCammon’s Matthew Corbett adventures is now out from Subterranean Press.

The book is available in a number of editions: trade, limited and lettered.  In addition, there is a signed trade edition of which there are only 1000 copies.  The limited and lettered editions include an exclusive bonus novella, The House at the Edge of the World, as well as some interior art and endpaper art that isn’t in the trade edition.


Here are the b&w interiors I did to accompany the main novel.

mask b&w 1

mask b&w 2

mask b&w 3

mask b&w 4

This is the colour interior that’s exclusive to the limited/lettered edition.

mask_col int

These are the illustrations that accompany the bonus novella in the limited/lettered edition.

house b&w

house_col int

And finally, here’s the endpaper art in the limited/lettered edition.

fotm endpaper




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