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Fictions: Health and Social Care Re-imagined

July 10, 2020

I’m very excited to be involved with a special project in conjunction with Infinity Plus and Future Care Capital.  The project brings together four SF authors (Keith Brooke, Anne Charnock, Stephen Palmer, Liz Williams) and one artist (yours truly!) to create twelve stories and accompanying artwork exploring near-future issues in health and social care.  The aim of the project is to inspire debate and new thinking among health and social care practitioners and policy-makers, through thought-povoking and challenging fiction.  Starting in July 2020, one story a month will take a key issue and examine its implications for people on the ground: patients, carers, practitioners and all those close to them.

Fictions: Health and Social Care Re-Imagined will be launched 21st July 2020 with stories being published monthly for free online on the FCC website.  Some themes the stories will cover include disease tourism, uses of virtual reality in care and widening adoption of self-diagnosis apps.  I will be creating four pieces of art, each of which can be divided into three smaller images to accompany each of the stories.  You can see the first full piece of art below.

Future Care Capital is a UK charity whose main aim is to drive debate and policy formation in the areas of health and social care. As part of this, they fund relevant projects, including this story series, and are active in advising in parliament and elsewhere.  As a provider of insight and analysis, FCC uses campaigns, policy papers and a supporting programme of events to inform public policy.  It also has a keen interest in how technology can transform health and social care outcomes, which will be a focus of its policy activities and wider partnership work.

For press and media queries you can contact the project’s coordinator and editor Keith Brooke.


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  1. July 11, 2020 09:09

    That’s fantastic! Well done!

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