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More Character Illustrations

November 7, 2019

Here are three more character illustrations I did for Ryk E. Spoor.  Ingram, Quester and Victoria have been mentioned in the Balanced Sword trilogy but their main story is still to be published.

Balanced Sword Trilogy Character Illustrations

October 24, 2019

Author Ryk E. Spoor, who I’ve done a number of covers for, has been commissioning me to do some illustrations of characters from his novels.  Here are three I did last year featuring the main characters from his Balanced Sword trilogy (Phoenix Rising, Phoenix in Shadow, Phoenix Ascendant): Kyri, Tobimar and Poplock.

Hard Magic Limited Edition

October 11, 2019

A couple of years ago I posted about the forthcoming Vault Books limited editions of Larry Correia’s The Grimnoir Chronicles.  I originally did the covers for the French editions of these books; Vault Books decided they wanted to use that cover art for their editions as well, and in addition, commissioned me to create some new pieces of interior art for each volume.

The first book, Hard Magic, is now out and shipping.  Each volume also includes a bonus short story set in the Grimnoir universe and comes as a limited edition of 424 copies and a lettered edition of 26 copies.  The limited edition includes three full-colour interior illustrations but the lettered edition will also include a fourth exclusive full-colour illustration I did.

Below you can see the three illustrations that are included in the limited edition of Hard Magic.


The Hunter from the Woods Second Printing

September 24, 2019

A second printing of the trade edition of The Hunter from the Woods, Robert McCammon’s collection of novelettes and novellas featuring the werewolf Michael Gallatin, is now available from Subterranean Press.

Matthew Corbett T-Shirts

September 9, 2019

Some more Robert McCammon related news…  More t-shirts featuring my covers for the Matthew Corbett series are now available from Robert McCammon’s Spreadshirt store.  The new t-shirts that have been added feature the covers for Freedom of the Mask, and the latest entry in the series, Cardinal Black.

Cardinal Black Interior Art

August 27, 2019

The latest Matthew Corbett adventure, Cardnal Black is now out and shipping from Cemetery Dance.  Below are the interior pieces I did for this volume.

Ghost Story

August 12, 2019

Time for another visit to the world of the Dresden Files.  Here’s some artwork from the next Subterranean Press edition of the series.  Ghost Story will be out early next year and is available for preorder now.


The Water Bear

July 29, 2019

Here is my cover design for a new SF novel entitled The Water Bear, by Groucho Jones.  The Water Bear will be out on August 3rd but can be preordered from Amazon now.  You can find out more about the book and contact the author at the book’s Facebook page.

The cover art features Ophelia Box, one of the book’s three female leads and I got to depict another of the female leads, Kitou, when I created the web banner art, which you can see below.

Pennywise Sketch

July 10, 2019

Recently a Stephen King fan commissioned me to do a sketch of Pennywise for his collection.  I’ve never illustrated IT before but loved the book and the new movie adaptation so it was really fun to get to do my own rendition of Pennywise.  Here is the result!


June 20, 2019

Here’s a cover design I did recently for a novelette by Jeff Coleman.  Inkbound is available now in ebook, paperback and hardback formats from Amazon.

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