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Rossum’s Universal Replicas

February 16, 2017

Christopher Conlon’s latest book Rossum’s Universal Replicas is out now from BearManor Media.  It is a revinvention of Czech writer Karel Čapek’s influential 1920’s play R.U.R., giving a fresh take on Čapek’s story of robots and the end of human civilization.

I’d worked with Christopher before, providing the cover art for his novel Lullaby for the Rain Girl, and one of my images was used on the cover of the Japanese edition of the anthology he edited, He Is Legend, so I was delighted when he approached me about using one of my early personal pieces, Awakening, for the cover of his latest book.


Small Favor Interior Art

February 8, 2017

Following on from the last post of the cover design for Small Favor, which is now out, here are the b&w interior illustrations I did for it.





Small Favor

January 25, 2017


Here’s the cover design for the next volume of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, that Subterranean Press will be releasing as a limited edition.  As for the previous books in this series I’ve also done four B&W interiors that I’ll reveal at a later date.  Small Favor is available for preorder now.

The Grimnoir Chronicles

January 11, 2017


Hot off the heels of last week’s cover reveal of Snapshot for new publisher Vault Books, I bring you more news from the publisher.  Vault Books will be publishing limited editions of all three volumes of Larry Correia’s fantasy series, The Grimnoir Chronicles, which comprise of Hard Magic, Spellbound and Warbound.

Vault Books approached me about using the cover art I did for the French editions, so this will be the first time my artwork will grace the covers of English editions of these novels.  In addition, I will be creating three brand new full colour interior illustrations for each book; in fact I’m hard at work on the interiors for Hard Magic now!

You can find full details about these new editions of the books over at the Vault Books website.


January 4, 2017

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful, fun-filled festive season and are all rested and energized for 2017!

To kick things off for the new year, here’s the cover art I did for a brand new publisher that launched last year.  Vault Books is a specialty press focusing on genre fiction and publishing limited editions of new and existing works by noted writers from the world of speculative fiction.

s586877350660258083_p12_i3_w533 snapshot

Amongst their first projects is Snapshot, a sci-fi detective novella by New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson.  The book will be available in both limited and lettered editions; all editions will feature full-colour interior illustrations, an introduction by Brandon Sanderson and an in-depth interview with the author himself.  The book is due to be published next month and can be ordered now over at the publisher’s website.

Season’s Greetings

December 19, 2016


Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings to you and yours!

And wishing you a happy and successful 2017!

The Dispatcher

December 5, 2016



Here’s the cover for John Scalzi’s urban fantasy novella The Dispatcher, coming out from Subterranean Press next May.

The Dispatcher has already debuted as an audiobook read by Zachary Quinto, ahead of this print edition.

I’ve also done some black and white interior illustrations for this, which I’ll post at a later date.  The book will be available in trade hardcover and limited editions, but there are only 400 copies of the limited edition available so you may want to preorder now.

Shining in the Dark Back Cover Art

November 21, 2016

Earlier in the month I posted the cover for Shining in the Dark; you can now check out my artwork for the back cover below!  The image is inspired by the Stephen King story, The Blue Air Compressor, one of the stories included in this anthology, edited by Hans-Åke Lilja, which celebrates 20 years of Lilja’s Library.  You can pre-order a copy here.


The Dark Magazine Issue 18

November 7, 2016

thedarkissue18-220x340Here’s the cover of the November issue (no. 18) of The Dark magazine which features my Fallen Angel image.  This image was originally created for The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 21 back in 2010.

The Dark is a monthly online dark fantasy and horror short fiction magazine, featuring both reprints and brand new stories, edited by Sean Wallace, and brought to you by Prime Books.

This issue features two brand new stories and two reprints.


Shining In the Dark

November 1, 2016


Lilja from Stephen King news website, Lilja’s Library has announced his anthology Shining in the Dark, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of Lilja’s Library.  The anthology, compiled by Lilja, will contain 12 stories by 13 authors.  Six of the stories have not been published anywhere before and some were even written especially with this book in mind; it also includes one from Stephen King himself – The Blue Air Compressor, which has never appeared in any of his collections or been in print anywhere since 1981.  For more information about the authors and stories you can visit the anthology’s official website:  The book will be published by Cemetery Dance and should be out next year.

Lilja and I worked closely together to come up with the idea for the cover art.  He wanted an image that reflected ‘Lilja’s Library’ but would not only just appeal to fans of the site.  One image that kept coming to him was that of a man or creature sat looking at a computer screen with something scary about him.  I thought this was a great starting point, and furthermore that the creature should be the website’s mascot Marv (originally created by Glenn Chadbourne).  I liked the setting of a creepy ‘library’ room and further tied it in with the website by having the banner appear on the computer screen.  Early on, Lilja suggested maybe using imagery from the Stephen King story for the cover; while we veered away from that idea I did manage to include a nod to it by making it look like Marv was reading the story on the screen.

Below are some rough sketches I did for the composition as well as some work-in-progress shots of the final image.





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