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The Dispatcher

December 5, 2016



Here’s the cover for John Scalzi’s urban fantasy novella The Dispatcher, coming out from Subterranean Press next May.

The Dispatcher has already debuted as an audiobook read by Zachary Quinto, ahead of this print edition.

I’ve also done some black and white interior illustrations for this, which I’ll post at a later date.  The book will be available in trade hardcover and limited editions, but there are only 400 copies of the limited edition available so you may want to preorder now.

Shining in the Dark Back Cover Art

November 21, 2016

Earlier in the month I posted the cover for Shining in the Dark; you can now check out my artwork for the back cover below!  The image is inspired by the Stephen King story, The Blue Air Compressor, one of the stories included in this anthology, edited by Hans-Åke Lilja, which celebrates 20 years of Lilja’s Library.  You can pre-order a copy here.


The Dark Magazine Issue 18

November 7, 2016

thedarkissue18-220x340Here’s the cover of the November issue (no. 18) of The Dark magazine which features my Fallen Angel image.  This image was originally created for The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 21 back in 2010.

The Dark is a monthly online dark fantasy and horror short fiction magazine, featuring both reprints and brand new stories, edited by Sean Wallace, and brought to you by Prime Books.

This issue features two brand new stories and two reprints.


Shining In the Dark

November 1, 2016


Lilja from Stephen King news website, Lilja’s Library has announced his anthology Shining in the Dark, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of Lilja’s Library.  The anthology, compiled by Lilja, will contain 12 stories by 13 authors.  Six of the stories have not been published anywhere before and some were even written especially with this book in mind; it also includes one from Stephen King himself – The Blue Air Compressor, which has never appeared in any of his collections or been in print anywhere since 1981.  For more information about the authors and stories you can visit the anthology’s official website:  The book will be published by Cemetery Dance and should be out next year.

Lilja and I worked closely together to come up with the idea for the cover art.  He wanted an image that reflected ‘Lilja’s Library’ but would not only just appeal to fans of the site.  One image that kept coming to him was that of a man or creature sat looking at a computer screen with something scary about him.  I thought this was a great starting point, and furthermore that the creature should be the website’s mascot Marv (originally created by Glenn Chadbourne).  I liked the setting of a creepy ‘library’ room and further tied it in with the website by having the banner appear on the computer screen.  Early on, Lilja suggested maybe using imagery from the Stephen King story for the cover; while we veered away from that idea I did manage to include a nod to it by making it look like Marv was reading the story on the screen.

Below are some rough sketches I did for the composition as well as some work-in-progress shots of the final image.





Dark Screams

October 21, 2016


Here’s the cover art for Cemetery Dance’s signed limited edition of Dark Screams, an anthology of 25 stories of horror and dark suspense from some of the biggest names writing horror today including Stephen King, Robert McCammon, Clive Barker, Peter Straub and many more.  The stories were originally published by Random House as eBook mini-anthologies, so this edition is the first time these stories have been seen in print together.  This limited edition also features full colour endpaper art by Alan M. Clark.  You can see the full list of stories and authors and preorder the book, which is due out next year, over at the Cemetery Dance website.

Shadow Casting

October 11, 2016

jack6.140x9.210.inddShort, Scary Tales Publications recently announced the publication of Shadow Casting: The Best of Paul Kane, a collection celebrating the author’s twenty years as a professional writer, which gathers some of Paul’s best fiction and features an introduction by Muriel Gray.

As well as a fully cloth-bound trade hardcover and eBook editions there is a signed and numbered limited hardcover (signed by Paul, Muriel and myself) available, limited to only 200 copies, which will also include the film Confidence, based on one of his original scripts.

You can find out more about the book and order copies over at the SST Publications website.

The cover image was an early personal piece I did, so I’m thrilled to have found a great home for it after all these years!

The Dark Magazine Issue 16

October 4, 2016

thedarkissue16-220x340My The Dollmaker image was featured on the cover of last month’s The Dark magazine (issue 16).  The image was originally created for the cover of The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 24.

The Dark is a monthly online dark fantasy and horror short fiction magazine, featuring both reprints and brand new stories, edited by Sean Wallace, and brought to you by Prime Books.

A Face Like Glass

September 27, 2016


Yet another cover for a children’s book by Frances Hardinge for Amulet Books; I worked on A Face Like Glass at the same time as Fly By Night.  The approach for this was more straightforward and it was decided at the start that the publisher wanted to have a mask as the cover image.


Here are sketches for possible mask designs.

mask-design-roughsThey wanted the shape of the mask to be more rounded and child-like to reflect the main character.

face-like-glass-rough-2As with Fly By Night we tried a light solid background to start with.


Again it was decided that it would be better to have a lightly textured background instead.  Even though the mask in the book is plain black with just silver painted brows and mouth, and we’d already taken some artistic license by adding the decorative swirl on the cheek, the publisher wanted to push this even further and have more colour and decorative embellishments on the mask.

Here is the final mask design and some alternative textures I tried out for the background.


This US edition of A Face Like Glass from Amulet Books will be out in May next year.

Fly By Night

September 21, 2016


Here is the cover art for children’s fantasy novel Fly By Night.  This edition will be published by Amulet Books in March next year.

This is the third Frances Hardinge book I’ve done the cover for, after Cuckoo Song and The Lie Tree.  The Publisher wanted to keep to a similar design approach to those two covers, but this time wanted a lighter coloured background instead of solid black.  We tried a solid colour first of all but it felt too flat so I then added some subtle background texture.


Here are some texture and colour variations I tried.



And here are some alternative ideas I proposed.  The designer’s original suggestion was to feature an open book with ruffled pages that transformed into the silhouette of a goose flying away, similar to an M. C. Escher image.


Cemetery Dance Magazine The Fireman Cover

September 12, 2016


Here’s my cover art for the latest issue of Cemetery Dance magazine which is a Joe Hill special double issue.  The cover art was inspired by Joe Hill’s new novel The Fireman, which is reviewed in this issue.  Besides this feature review there’s a modified excerpt of the novel, a never-before-published novella by Joe Hill and an interview with the author conducted by Bev Vincent, as well as the usual fiction, artwork and features.  This double issue will be Cemetery Dance’s first ever oversized trade paperback version of the magazine (also available as a signed limited edition hardcover)and their first double issue since #17/18.

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