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The Wind Through the Keyhole

July 20, 2015

d_3471wind through the keyhole

Here’s my cover art for the Polish edition of The Wind Through the Keyhole.  This was the last book to be written in the Dark Tower series, but chronologically it takes place between volumes four and five.

Wizard and Glass

July 9, 2015

d_3470wizard and glass

Time for another Polish Dark Tower cover; this one’s for the fourth volume in the series, Wizard and Glass.

Tenderloin Sud 5

July 1, 2015

COVER_LRnewThe new Hard-noir and Splatterpunk story collection, Tenderloin Sud 5: Quartieri di Sangue, by Gene O’Neill and Caleb Battiago (pen name of Bram Stoker Awards nominee Alessandro Manzetti) is out now from Kipple Officina Libraria in ebook format in Italian.  It contains the stories Broken Lady and Bruised Soul by Gene O’Neill and Kozmic Blues and Heretic Park by Caleb Battiago.

The cover art was originally created for Murder Was My Alibi by Arthur Darknell.

The Waste Lands

June 23, 2015

d_3443waste lands

Here’s another of my Polish Dark Tower covers, this time for the third book in the series, The Waste Lands.  I’ve already turned in the cover for the fourth book and hope to post the cover here shortly.

Monster Masters

June 18, 2015

COPERTINA_LRThis is the cover for Monster Masters – I Segreti dei Maestri dell’Horror (Monster Masters – The Secrets of the Horror Masters), an Italian language horror literature essay edited by Alessandro Manzetti.

It will be published in paperback by Cut Up Publishing at the end of the month and will also be available in major Italian libraries.

The book contains the Italian versions of four horror stories by Richard Laymon, Ramsey Campbell, Graham Masterton and Gary Braunbeck; 30 interviews with horror writers such as Peter Straub and Joe Lansdale; the chapter The Ghost Works by Stephen King from the Italian edition of the essay Stephen King Uncollected Unpublished by Rocky Wood; the shortlist of the 66 horror books to be saved from a new Great Flood.

It will also feature some of my artwork (the cover art was originally created for the Polish edition of Horns) and art by Paolo Di Orazio as well as new photos.


June 11, 2015


Here’s my cover for the new SF Masterworks edition of Limbo by Bernard Wolfe, to be published by Gollancz.  The book won’t be out till April next year, but is available for pre-order now.

Originally we decided to try a more graphical approach and have the map on a solid white background (I also tried a few other colour variations) but afterwards the designer and editor asked for some distressed textures to be added around the edges of the image.  I also originally created the figure and map straight on, but extended the image beyond the edges of the cover to allow for the image to be tilted in the layout, which was what was settled on in the final design.


limbo_black alt

limbo_colour alt

limbo_colour alt 2


The Drawing of the Three

June 5, 2015

d_3403 the drawing of the three

Following on from last week’s cover reveal of the Polish edition of The Gunslinger, here’s my cover art for the second book in the Dark Tower series, The Drawing of the Three.  Below you can see the larger versions of the tarot cards I created for the image.

dark tower tarot

Next up is The Waste Lands which I’m working on now…

The Gunslinger/The Dark Tower Series

May 29, 2015

d_3401the gunslinger

For years now I’ve been doing covers for the Polish editions of a number of Stephen King books for Prószyński i S-ka.  Recently, another Polish publisher, Albatros, asked me to design covers for new editions of their The Dark Tower series.  Although I’ve worked on a lot of Stephen King books, I’ve never illustrated any from his Dark Tower series so it’s very cool to finally get the chance to work on these!

The publisher wanted me to come up with something different to the previous US and Polish covers for these books, and also wanted a slightly different flavour to the other Polish Stephen King covers I’ve been doing.  For a lot of my King covers for Prószyński i S-ka, I used a limited colour palette with one overall colour, so one way I decided to set this series of covers apart  would be to use two predominant contrasting colours for each cover; one colour for the background and another for the central image.  To give this series it’s own distinct feel, I also suggested that the design could be made to look similar to a tarot card design, as tarot cards feature in the story, and I created a ‘tarot design’ border for them to use for each book.

So here’s the cover for The Dark Tower I, The Gunslinger, which introduces us to the main protagonist Roland, the gunslinger, and his quest for the Dark Tower.  As this is the start of the gunslinger’s search for the Dark Tower, I wanted the positioning of the guns to very subtly bring to mind the shape of a tower.

I’ve just turned in the cover for book two of the series and will be working on the third cover soon so there’ll be more to follow shortly!

Proven Guilty Interior Art

May 21, 2015

Here are my interior illustrations for Proven Guilty (Book Eight of the Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher, which is out already from Subterranean Press.  I recently finished the cover for the next book in the series, White Night and am currently working on the interiors for it so keep your eyes peeled for news on that.

dresden files_proven guilty_the reaper

dresden files_proven guilty_the scarecrow

dresden files_proven guilty_the summer lady

dresden files_proven guilty_crucifixion tree

Eden Underground

May 14, 2015

EDEN_UNDERGROUND_LRBram Stoker Awards nominee Alessandro Manzetti’s new poetry collection, Eden Underground, will be published in ebook format this July by Crystal Lake Publishing.  You can watch a teaser trailer for the book here.

The cover art was originally used on the back cover of the PS Publishing edition of Horns.


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