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“What impresses me is Vincent’s appreciation of the author’s work. He doesn’t simply capture the story, he embraces it, and through his incredible talent is able to bring imagination to life. Working with Vincent, I discovered—to my delight—that he has a storyteller’s mind (in that he appreciates construct and subtlety) and an artist’s vision. His work is conceptual, dazzling, and consistently breathtaking.”
Rio Youers (author)

“Vincent Chong’s work is outstanding, it is astonishing. It will capture your attention, perhaps a little part of your soul, too, and don’t be surprised if Mister Vincent Chong’s visions steal into your midnight dreams.” – Simon Clark (author)

“It spooks me how much that Vincent Chong’s artwork for my work looks like the images in my own head when I wrote it — except then he goes on and makes it look even better.” – John Scalzi (author)

“Vincent Chong’s work is blessed with style, substance, elegance and a genuine sense of otherworldly beauty. If I had my way, I’ll wallpaper my entire house with his art.” – Gary McMahon (author)

“I’ve long been an admirer of the art of Vincent Chong, and was thrilled when PS Publishing commissioned him for the cover (front and back) of my novella ‘The City in These Pages’. As I might have expected, he gave me one of the best covers I’ve ever had. It’s no wonder his work is in such demand.” – Paul Barnett (author)

“I have been lucky enough to have Vincent illustrate my work in Interzone and design the cover of my first novel. He is a talented and imaginative professional and I am happy recommend him without hesitation.” – Gareth L Powell (author)

“I have been privileged to work with many fine, talented commercial artists to create covers for books, but hold Vincent Chong as the very top, truly in a league of his own and can recommend him with my very highest endorsement. If you are looking for an artist who can create a book cover so visually stunning that it will invariably cause people to pick up the book and learn more about it, there’s no one better than Vincent Chong.” — Norman Rubenstein (editor)

“It was hard to choose just three attributes that make working with Vincent a great experience. He is an exceptional illustrator who both comes up with fantastic, imaginative ideas and takes direction very well. He has always delivered what is expected and more on deadline and with a friendly demeanor. He’s a good guy, really talented, and I always look forward to hiring him for a new project.” – Ben Mautner (designer at Little, Brown)

“Vincent Chong is creating some of the best, most arresting work in the industry today.  I would not have been nearly as successful without his amazing covers to elevate my books above the crowd.”  – Michael Langlois (author)

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